USA not biggest country in internet usage anymore

Now that China has more than 220 million Internet users, it has surpassed the USA with 216 million Internet users. Also today the news arrived that in Europe we have 250 million Internet users. For both areas there is a steep increase in usage compared to USA. Of course, the USA can be seen as the place where most of the Internet was invented, but has reached pretty high numbers compared to inhabitants already. In China and also India there is still a large number of the population that is not online, so the room for growth is still there.

Ergo, the Internet is becoming more and more non-USA. So all businesses online should pay attention to non-American and non-English users, not only in language, currencies and fulfillment, but also in all cultural aspects like ways of communication. One thing that puzzles me is that most of the businesses online still stem from the USA. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL are all american companies. Where are the european and Asian companies? In the mobile world there are a few, but where is the european version of Amazon? The asian Google? Or should I ask that question again in 2-3 years?