New site live on

As you might have noted, this blog has a new design since a week or 2. Not the standard WordPress layout, but a funky yet tasteful design. Took me about 4 hours to get this done.

Of course I didn’t do the visual design myself. The design of the blog is inspired by the design for my corporate web site that I was working on lately. This great work was done by my friend Johan van der Woude from Studio Joyo. So last week I finished everything, and my corporate web site as officially been launched. After running my freelance business for 5 months with a web site place holder (formally know as Under Construction page), now finally I have a decent web site.  The timing was good, as quite recently my first freelance project went live, It’s a site by the biggest telco in the Netherlands KPN supporting their new product, fiber connections at home.

So what’s that corporate web site about? not that much, just shows you the projects I have finished (not so many yet) and services I provide. And it just looks good:)

I build it of course In Java, using just Hibernate. I created my own very SEO-friendly filter to retrieve pages from my custom CMS (only contains pages, which have 3 text fields, that’s it:)).  Still thinking about a mobile version, but the site already looks good on my Nokia N95, and I think the Iphone does even do a better job at displaying it.

So what do you think about the new site? let me know.