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My name is Dirk, working in San Francisco now. I lived most of my years in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Yes I ride a bike but no don’t smoke weed. I have been a software engineer for the last 15 years. Started out in university with Smalltalk and Prolog. Then at LBi Lost Boys ColdFusion, ASP. For quite some years I did Java, taught classes in J2EE even. After becoming technical consultant (I can talk to non-techies) I worked at CTO at a gaming company Eccky where we built a multi-user game with .NET technology. After that I became freelance iOS/Android developer, developed iOS and Android advertisement libraries for Mads doing billions of ad impressions per month. I founded the universal inbox HelloInbox and sold this company to Unified Inbox. Then I moved to San Francisco and started Mobtest. I still freelance on the side. For instance I have created the iPhone/iPad app for SpiderOak. Drop me a line if you want to know more at info @ d-17.com.

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