Iphone OS 3.0 announced

Yesterday Apple held meeting to announce the new upcoming version of their Iphone OS, version 3 (we’re now at 2.2.1), to be released somewhere this summer. Already days ahead was a buzz going on, with lot’s of people making lists of new features they thought/wished were added to the already popular platform.

Major awaited features were cut/copy-paste, Flash, background processes, MMS, tethering (using your phone as a modem to your laptop), wireless keyboards, better app organisation

Majority of new features are indeed implemented. Cut/copy-past is there in a nice fashion as is MMS and tethering. Flash is still at large, Adobe and Apple are trying their best to solve the technical issues. Background processes are not there, but instead Apple opted for Push notifications. This will allow a service to push a short message (alert, text, audio) to an application without the application being running. Wireless keyboards and better app organisation is still missing.

What is also interesting is the new payment models. Now, you could only charge per download. Added to this will be 3 new models: subscription to apps, purchase of additional content (great for media companies) and purchase of additional levels (great for gaming apps). This means you can also purchase new things from within the apps.

What is most interesting to me?  The push notification! I am working together with partners to create a messaging solution with a big focus on mobile. As third party apps, as opposed to the standard Mail.app on the Iphone, cannot run in the background with 2.0 it’s quite difficult to go head to head with Mail.app. Push notification will change that. As this services goes through Apple services, I am quite curious what they will charge though.

Other new features that were not so much anticipated are Search (through Spotlight), landscape keyboard, Google Maps libraries for third party apps.

I downloaded the beta SDK already, but unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow any disclosure of information or screenshots:( I honoustly hope they don’t make the mistake that they made with 2.0 again, to lift this NDA so late that no publisher dares to invest in publishing an Iphone 3.0 development book. Go over to Crunchgear to see some screenshots (while it lasts).

OS 3.0 will be available this summer, and downloadable for current Iphone and Ipod touch users (Ipod users have to pay 10 USD). So you don’t have to get a new phone to be able to run 3.0, which is great. Big question: at what speed will users upgrade their OS, and will any (major) problems arise. 

You can watch the full presentation here at the Apple site.

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