Google App Engine in preview

Google is competing with Amazon’s S3 and EC2 and launched their own Google App Engine service today. With currently only support for Python but more scripting languages to come you can access their own database system called BigTable. You will have some limitations in data, CPU cycles and traffic. These limitations will be lifted in the future but then you will have to pay for it. This will make it even more easy and cheap than with Amazon to deploy and host your webapp.

For me, I’d like to see other languages added like Ruby on Rails, which it even easier to use than Python with lots of out of the box functionality. But the good news is that it’s coming some time soon. Also, finding cheap python or RoR hosting is pretty difficult, as all the shared hosting companies only offer .NET or PHP languages.

Sounds really excited no? So I tried to sign up for one of the 10,000 preview accounts, but they were already gone:(

Not too bad, no?